quinta-feira, maio 07, 2015

A higher form of possession

"Why do we kiss people? At one level, merely to generate the pleasurable sensation of rubbing an area of nerve endings against a corresponding strip of soft, fleshy, moist skin tissue. However, the hopes with which we approach the prospect of an initial kiss typically extend beyond this. We seek to hold and savor not just a mouth but an entire beloved person. With the kiss, we hope to achieve a higher form of possession; the longing a beloved inspires in us promises to come to an end once our lips are allowed to roam freely over theirs."

Alain de Botton  "How Proust Can Change Your Life"

Lovesick teenagers

"Lovesick teenagers don't ever die.
They will live forever"

Bear in Heaven

Todas as noites, em sonhos

Todas as noites, em sonhos, chamo por ela. Perco a conta ao número de vezes. Quando por fim surge à minha frente, como se abrisse os olhos para a luz do dia, o sonho não dá ares de querer volatilizar-se. Na verdade, começa precisamente a partir daí.