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At each other

Markus Muntean & Adi Rosenblum, We Look At Each Other... (2002)

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Blogger redonda disse...

No quadro não parecem estar a fazê-lo...

17/10/07, 19:29  

Blogger Cláudio disse...

Markus Muntean & Adi Rosenblum - We Look At Each Other... (2002)
2002, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 250cm

Muntean and Rosenblum’s work critiques the vacuous lifestyle ideal of youth culture as presented through media. Formulaic sentiments of intimacy and identity are paralleled in their paintings through shrewdly considered compositions. In We Look At Each Other... , Muntean and Rosenblum’s figures languish in their orgiastic cool, the designer setting of their cheap apartment a sly nod to minimalism: the dark rectangle of sofa, grey base of carpet, and silver disco ball hold the space in formalist tension. The striped patterns on the teens clothing knowingly equates hard-edged painting with Adidas, drawing a multi-layered confusion between culture and commodity.


05/05/09, 20:02  

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