sexta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2008

Body piercing's next step

"While serving as a guest on a talk show, Max meets Nicki Brand (Deborah Harry of the rock band Blondie). They flirt and soon end up back at Max's apartment - where she says porn gets her in the mood, so she looks through Max's collection of videotapes and chooses a tape labeled "Videodrome." Instead of being shocked by what she sees, she's turned on. Soon afterwards, she introduces Max to the wonders of body piercing as a sensual pleasure - as well as the pleasure (?) of a lighted cigarette burning into bare flesh."

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Blogger pin gente disse...

bolas, claúdio!
até me doeu...

15/02/08, 17:25  

Blogger Cláudio disse...

Didn't meant to harm :)

15/02/08, 17:38  

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